Congratulations to Olivia Culpo of Rhode Island, Miss USA 2012! Rhode Island captures the crown for the first time in history! Being the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island has often been a subject of mockery in various pageant parodies. For example, the 2000 film, "Miss Congeniality" starring Sandra Bullock's character competing undercover in the Miss United States pageant which was won by Miss Rhode Island, who humorously described her perfect date as April 25 during the pageant and she also stole a pair of red panties (since her mom referred to them as Satan's panties). Also, in a 1994 episode of the TV show "Seinfeld" entitled 'The Chaperone', the character of Kramer emphasizes 'POISE!!!' as he trains Miss Rhode Island for the Miss America pageant who he mentioned had never won the Miss America title and the state still has yet to accomplish that feat at Miss America but Rhode Island has now done it for the ocean state at Miss USA, thanks to the fresh-faced, youthful, striking Olivia Culpo who I think has a very similar facial structure to Miss USA 2007, Rachel smith and coincidentally Rachel Smith's 1st runner up at Miss USA, Danielle Lacourse, represented Rhode Island! I think Olivia also has a slight resemblance to Kate Middleton but she was a bit lower on my predictions list (in 9th place) due to her height. So let's have a look at my predictions this year:



Winner=Rhode Island-Olivia Culpo

Winner=South Dakota-Taylor Neisen

1st Runner Up=Maryland-Nana Meriwether

1st Runner Up=Texas-Brittany Booker*

2nd Runner Up=Ohio-Audrey Bolte

2nd Runner Up=Maryland-Nana Meriwether*

3rd Runner Up=Nevada-Jade Kelsall

3rd Runner Up=Georgia-Jasmyn Wilkins*

4th Runner Up=Georgia-Jasmyn Wilkins

4th Runner Up=California-Natalie Pack

FINALISTS (alpha'l)


Alabama-Katherine Webb

Alabama-Katherine Webb*

Colorado-Marybel Gonzalez

Nevada-Jade Kelsall*

New Jersey-Michelle Leonardo

Michigan-Kristen Danyal*

Oklahoma-Lauren Lundeen

Rhode Island-Olivia Culpo*

Texas-Brittany Booker

Ohio-Audrey Bolte*



Arkansas-Kelsey Dow

Illinois-Ashley Hooks

Louisiana-Erin Edmiston

Indiana-Megan Myrehn

Maine-Rani Williamson

Louisiana-Erin Edmiston*

Michigan-Kristen Danyal

Oklahoma-Lauren Lundeen*

South Carolina-Erika Powell

New Mexico-Jessica Martin

Tennessee-Jessica Hibler

Minnesota-Nitaya Panemalaythong


ALTERNATES:Arizona, Utah, North Carolina, Kansas, Virginia


HONORABLE MENTIONS:New Jersey*, Oregon, Missouri, Delaware, Tennessee*


* = made actual top 16

Taylor Neisen, Miss South Dakota USA 2012 As you can see, I correctly picked 10 of the 16 semifinalists and had 2 honorable mentions, New Jersey and Tennessee. The 4 semifinalists that escaped my list were Colorado, Maine, South Carolina and Arkansas (the winner of the Internet vote). Each of these ladies were eliminated in the first round except for Colorado who was the most shocking for me in the top 16 but her name was mentioned by a few people after preliminaries. For the first time since I've been publicly posting my predictions prior to the actual pageant back in 1999, the woman I chose as the winner did not place among the top 16. That amazing woman was South Dakota's Taylor Neisen. Just like in Miss Universe 2010 with the gorgeous Miss Russia, I feel that a low energy presentation in the preliminaries did it but I was hoping the judges would appreciate the natural beauty that she is but I considered her absence a total loss for the organization and the viewing public. South Dakota hasn't placed since 1974 and I was hoping for her to give them a big comeback. I thought we would do a quick review of how my winners fared over the years starting with 1999 when I chose Indiana's Pratima Yarlagadda (Pratima finished 6th in the actual pageant). In 2000, I chose Tennessee's Lynnette Cole (actual winner). In 2001, it was Missouri's Larissa Meek (who finished 5th after a judge's question flub although she did win swimsuit and evening gown). In 2002, I went with the host delegate Indiana's Kelly Lloyd (finished 3rd). In 2003, I picked New Mexico's Alina Ogle (placed in the top 10). In 2004, it was Missouri's Shandi Finnessey (actual winner). In 2005, I picked Kentucky's Kristen Johnson (finished 3rd). In 2006, I went with Illinois' Catherine Warren (who placed among the 15 semifinalists). In 2007, it was Tennessee's Rachel Smith (actual winner). In 2008, I chose Texas' Crystle Stewart (actual winner). In 2009, it was California's Carrie Prejean (who placed 2nd). In 2010, I chose, Alabama's Audrey Moore (placed in the top 10) and in 2011, it was California's Alyssa Campanella (actual winner and the first woman to top my predictions lists at both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA, in her respective years competing at those pageants. In 2012, I went with South Dakota's Taylor Neisen and was surprised that she wasn't among the semifinalists because she definitely had the glow and I even had some friends sit near her family and they said that her sisters started to cry when she didn't place which obviously stung my heart to hear that because I definitely thought she should have placed at least. Since I started posting predictions, I have always had the winner amongst my top 10 choices with the exceptions of 1999 (New York-Kimberly Pressler) and 2010 (Michigan-Rima Fakih) who both did not place as semifinalists at Miss Universe in their respective years. The other ladies in my list that didn't place were: California's Natalie Pack (who won the most competitive state title for 2012 as Miss California USA had more contestants than any other state) so it was quite shocking to see her excluded as well. Natalie did have a bit of a trip in the preliminary gown competition, but then again so did Alyssa Campanella last year and we all know what happened there! Natalie also previously competed in cycle 12 of 'America's Next Top Model' and has a bit of a resemblance to Madonna so she was in a lot of predictions lists but was surprisingly excluded. Illinois' Ashley Hooks who was also a heavy favorite but I thought was a little softspoken missed the cut. A lot of people loved her face and she had a sensational gown. In swimsuit, Ashley performed well but some said she looked a little thin but she looked decent to me. Illinois has captured the Miss USA crown 4 times which is very impressive but in recent years, Illinois has really struggled to get a placement. They last placed in 2006 thanks to the stunning Catherine Warren and the previous year, Jill Gulseth finished 4th but after 1996, their placements have been rare and I am starting to wonder what's happening with Illinois. Indiana's Megan Myrehn (who also placed as a semifinalist at Miss Teen USA 2008) had a great body and a stunning black, liquid-beaded gown but she also wasn`t able to place. New Mexico`s Jessica Martin was mentioned by a few people for having a fit yet curvaceous body and during preliminaries, she made me think of Miss Guatemala 2010 who, to me, was a surprise entry in the top 10 at Miss Universe 2010 but I thought she could do it. My final non-finalist was Minnesota`s Nitaya Panemalaythong, who was the first Miss USA state delegate of Laotian descent so I thought the exotic uniqueness factor might kick in here but she didn`t place either.
Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011 with hosts Andy Cohen and Guiliana Rancic
This year, the introductions kicked off with a fashion show featuring the contestants separated into groups wearing themed outfits by Sherri Hill, which was a nice concept. For the first time since 2001, the delegates did not say their own names, rather they were announced by hosts Andy Cohen and Guiliana Rancic. I was actually very happy to see Andy and Guiliana return as hosts because they have a great chummy chemistry and they both seem to be genuinely into it all and I really appreciate them as hosts and hope they stay around for years to come. Jeannie Mai and Kelly Osbourne also did a decent job returning as color commentators after having stints with last year`s pageants.
Miss USA 2012 Swimsuit Competition: Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Maine, Georgia, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Nevada, Arkansas
After the top 16 were announced, we saw the 8 finals judges, Marilu Henner, Arsenio Hall (recent winner of Celebrity Apprentice), Ali Fedotowsky, Rob Kardashian, Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza who also appeared on Celebrity Apprentice finishing in 6th place, Joe Jonas, Cat Cora and George Kotsiopoulos, it was on to the swimsuit competition set to the performance of the group Cobra Starship doing their songs, `You Make Me Feel` and `̉ne Night`. First up was Tennessee`s Jessica Hibler who continues Tennessee`s 7 year streak in the semifinals at Miss USA which is currently the longest streak of any state. I placed her as an honorable mention in my predictions list because I knew that in order to win a competitive powerhouse state title like Miss Tennessee USA, you must have something going for you. This year`s delegate was suspected by some after preliminaries and some would also consider her more of an interview queen but it wasn`t a surprise that she was eliminated in the first round as she didn`t appear to have the same level of facial beauty as many of the other contestants. She has her angles. Next up was Alabama who has an amazing body and great hair. Many people have said she bears a bit of a resemblance to Nicole O`Brian, Miss Texas USA 2003. Alabama has also been competed well lately so maybe there is a win in the cards for them in the future. Their only Miss USA titleholder, Sylvia Hitchcock in 1967 of course went on to win Miss Universe that year. Ohio`s Audrey Bolte also had that great long and lean body with a fabulous hairstyle and she was also featured in a commercial for Chi during the pageant. Michigan`s Kristen Danyal was next as she looked really incredible during that pageant that I was really shocked that she was eliminated in this round. I did mention that she looks like she could pass as a Kardashian sister and seeing how Rob Kardashian was a judge, I guess in this case, it did more harm than good! Next up was the storied Nana Meriwether of Maryland. Nana has always had that tall, athletic, sensational body but she really had to fight to get to the Miss USA stage. She competed 4 times for the Miss California USA title. Nana was a non-finalist in 2008, she was 3rd runner up in 2009, she got all the way to 1st runner up in 2010 and then after having a publicized nosejob, Nana competed again only to finish 4th runner up in California`s very competitive group of 2011, then she moved back to Maryland where she was raised and then much to the delight of pageant followers, Nana captured the Miss Maryland USA 2012 title on her final year of eligibility and finally had her dream come true to compete at Miss USA and this pageant veteran really showed us that she knows how to work a stage. As I was watching Nana compete, I was getting flashbacks of Carole Gist, Miss USA 1990 as I could see a hint of Carole in Nana`s face. New Jersey followed and she was just an honorable mention for me because I thought her body looked somewhat thicker but she did have a nice twirl similarly to Dayana Mendoza who may have noticed that as she was judging. Texas` Brittany Booker followed and of course, she looked absolutely sensational. Miss Texas USA is also an extremely competitive state and practically perfect Brittany captured this title on her first try which is extremely rare in recent years. In recent years, a first timer win at Miss Texas USA was done in 2010, 1994 and 1992. Colorado followed and she does have a smaller frame but people seemed to notice that hint of attitude and sassiness that she incorporated into her presentation but I must say I was really surprised to see her deceive her way into the top 10 instead of Michigan advancing. Oklahoma with her unique bangs-down Carly Rae Jepsen look really made her stand out and a lot of people seemed to appreciate her style. Louisiana followed looking very fit and showing off those abs but she was one I also felt that would place but be eliminated in this round as she seemed to fit in this 11-16th place category. Maine followed and I was expecting her to be eliminated at this stage. Her look was rather rough for my taste but I could see Donald Trump liking her so she could have been a pick from the organization. Georgia`s Jazz Wilkins followed with a great body coming from those competitive genes she has as her father, uncle and brother all play basketball professionally. South Carolina followed next and a friend said he helped coach her in interview so I think she probably had a strong interview that helped her advance to the semifinals. She also presented with flair during her gown presentation in the preliminaries but when it came to her body, I felt that she really needed to be in better shape so I wasn`t surprised to see her eliminated here. She did previously place in the top 10 at Miss America 2006. Rhode Island`s Olivia Culpo on her way to the crown looked gorgeous with that fresh, youthful face and that bouncing hair. Her body was very fit and in spite of her height, her presence was undeniable. Nevada`s Jade Kelsall followed with a great body and a confident presentation. She regularly held her chin up and I felt it seemed to help her look more distinguished. She also benefited with the help of Shanna Moakler, Miss USA 1995 who is now helping the Nevada team after leaving the California team. And finally, we had Arkansas, the winner of the Internet vote and she does have a nice face but her body shape just had a bit of a more matronly look. Bless her heart. Just bless it. Of course, I loved loved loved the tribute to the late Dick Clark who passed away in April. They featured a delicious montage featuring various pageant clips when he served as a host in the Miss Universe family of pageants from 1988 to 1993 including Courtney Gibbs, Miss USA 1988 introducing Dick at the introduction of Miss USA 1989 and him escorting Shannon Marketic to her throne in 1992. Dick hosted Miss Teen USA 1988 and 1991 to 1993, Miss USA 1989 to 1993 and Miss Universe 1990 to 1993. Dick Clark`s production company has also returned to being invoived with the Miss Universe pageants since last year. I hope to see a little bit of these nostalgic montages incorporated each year because I think everyone really appreciates them, be they hardcore pageant followers or even just casual viewers.
Miss USA 2012 Evening Gown Competition: Alabama, Oklahoma, Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island, Nevada
After the top 10 were announced, we had some quick trip-take videos to get to hear them speak and learn interesting tidbits like Georgia`s love of video games, Rhode Island`s admiration of Audrey Hepburn and her quotes including that eyes are the gateway to the soul as well as Nevada recently having heart surgery just a few weeks prior to her state pageant. This year`s photoshoot from Fadil Berisha had a goddess theme and it was carried over to the evening gown competition featuring some fire torches on stage which hasn`t been incorporated in the pageant for a while. I believe the last time fire was used was during the 2002 Miss USA swimsuit competition. Set to the appropriate, trancey, modern hit song `Lights` by Ellie Goulding, the evening gown competition began as Alabama came out first in a really nice gown that glistened and I thought it was a great choice. The top reminded me a bit of Shandi Finnessey`s gown at Miss USA 2004. Oklahoma followed in the `party-bowl-of-confetti`gown as Jeannie Mai described it. It looked a little hard for her to walk in it but she did have a nice, distinct look about her. It was interesting that she chose to keep her bangs down this time around because she did pull them back during the preliminary gown competition and I think many of us were surprised to see that. Ohio followed in that big canary yellow gown that she really carried very well. The large train reminded me a lot of Margot Bourgeois, Miss Trinidad & Tobago 1997. In still photographs, this is the kind of gown you would question but it gave a nice regal touch when it was in action. Georgia used the all-covered-up but still very sexy card with her gown. The gown had slits in all the right places and a very open back and the gown worked for her at the state level so why not for nationals? Texas came after in the sheer style gown that seems to be quite popular with beads and sparkles on the bodice and it showed off her legs similarly to how Oklahoma`s 1997 representative, Trisha Stillwell wore for her gown. This gown did look great on her but perhaps the judges thought this look was a bit dated so perhaps that`s why she didn`t advance but she certainly did everything else right. Colorado followed in a gown that matched her lipstick well but this was as far as she would go. New Jersey followed in white figure hugging gown and she did the Dayana twirl again but I think she shouldn`t have done it the second time because her gown didn`t have a slit and she tripped a bit while staring at the camera. Next Maryland showed those amateurs how it`s done by working out that fierceness and making sure you are focused on her. Rhode Island looked very princess-like in her purple gown and she also worked the flowy fabric and really presented well. Finally, Nevada`s Jade Kelsall`s white gown with the jeweled midsection seemed to really work well with the Goddess theme. After Nevada left the stage, I wanted to see more! More gowns I say! I was just so entranced by it.

Top 5: Ohio, Maryland, Rhode Island, Nevada, Georgia And then the top 5 were announced: Georgia, Nevada, Rhode Island, Maryland and Ohio. First the ladies had a casual question before the more serious final question. Georgia talked about scuba diving with sharks at age 16 in the Bahamas saying they had to sign away their lives if they got bit and fortunately they didn`t. Nevada talked about attending Mohammed Ali`s 70th birthday party. She liked that people who were attending were all dolled up and glamorized and were donating money for a good cause. Rhode Island was asked why she feels it is important for music to be taught in schools. She said cognitive processes have been proven to improve mathematics skills and reading skills even. It`s just a great thing if you`re trying to work toward a goal as well as improving work ethic. She said she played cello for 13 years and spent many summers at band camp. And you learn a lot about how to achieve your goals and what you what pursue and all your dreams. And Andy quoted the inevitable line from the movie `American Pie` `This one time, at band camp...` adding a little humor to the moment. Olivia immediately set herself apart using intelligent phrases like `cognitive processes`and showed that she was not only educated but cool at the same time. Maryland was asked to tell why she admired Angelina Jolie. Nana told us she was born in a rural village in South Africa while her parents were donating 8 years of medical and community work pro-bono. She admires Angelina Jolie because she is exposing her children to the way Nana grew up and she really connects to the way she is raising them to be more globally aware. Nana was well prepared and obviously managed to inject her achievements whenever she had an opportunity. Ohio, after revealing her nickname for her gown is the school bus, spoke about going to a college that was a 9 hour drive from her house. Kelly Osbourne then spoke to two judges. George Katsiopoulos who co-stars with her as well as Guiliana and Joan Rivers on E! Fashion Police where they often critique the fashions of the stars but he revealed that fashion had nothing to do with the judging and that it was all about the girl. Kelly then asked Rob Kardashian if he was looking for a future wife and he said that was too much hair and make-up for his taste which was immediately called blasphemy by Kelly and George since his sisters are known for their appearance and it was funny to see the looks on the top 5`s faces in response to this but he saved himself by saying that they were all beautiful and it`s about what is on the inside.

Top 2: Maryland and Rhode IslandMaryland`s Nana Meriwether looks on as Rhode Island`s Olivia Culpo reacts to winning Miss USA 2012 And then it came down to the final question. First up was Georgia who picked Cat Cora`s question: `The Mayor of New York City plans to ban the sale of large sugary drinks. Does this go too far?` Georgia answered: "I don't think it goes too far, you know those drinks have so much sugar in them and they really are unhealthy for you. They are kind of delicious, I love to have my big... my big gulp when I go to 7-11, but I think that it is a little bit too much, I'm glad that they are putting some restrictions on it, so, I think it's a good thing." I don`t think this question really gave her an opportunity to give a really great answer so it just ended up being forgettable. Nevada followed choosing Arsenio Hall`s question: `On a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, six Miss USA contestants out of 11 were made fun of for being unable to name the current vice president. How do you explain so many of them not knowing this answer?` Nevada answered: "Well, I have to say I went through that process. We were all up at 4 o'clock in the morning, and we were very tired, and I think a lot of the girls misanswered the question. They weren't very positive, but they really do know who the vice president is. We do know who the vice president is! And we do know a lot of the answers it was just a really long day. It was like midnight." And of course the crowd and myself wanted to know if she knew and she correctly answered that the Vice President was Biden. Yes, Joe Biden. Nevada knew the answer and did a little bow but it was really hard to buy this answer that they were tired. Anyway, I got my wish to see Guiliana and Jade together on stage and as I mentioned when posting my predictions, I think the two of them could pass as sisters. Next was Rhode Island who selected the question submitted on Twitter posed to her by Rob Kardashian: `Would you feel it would be fair that a transgender woman wins the Miss USA title over a natural-born woman?` Rhode Island answered: "I do think that that would be fair but I can understand that people would be a little apprehensive to take that road because there is a tradition of natural-born women, but today where there are so many surgeries and so many people out there who have a need to change for a happier life, I do accept that because I believe it's a free country." I think she handled this question well seeing how the twitter question was obviously going to address the transgender issue referring to Jenna Talackova, who recently became the first transgendered woman to compete for Miss Universe Canada. She gave a very diplomatic response and I think it was pretty clear at this point who the winner was. Next up was Maryland who selected Joe Jonas` question: `What is your view of Toddlers & Tiaras, a TV series in which children compete in beauty pageants?` Nana answered: "Well, I think there are a lot of stereotypes about pageant women out there, and shows like that do promote it, but, me and all of the fellow contestants here tonight are strong women, I mean, I'm applying to medical school, I was a two-time All American at UCLA, and I have so much to give, and stereotypical shows like that do paint a bad side of pageantry. But we are strong and beautiful women." ``No go-go juice for Maryland!`` Andy chimes in. Maryland also handled this question well and as always managed to incorporate an achievement in her answer. And finally Ohio`s Audrey Bolte selected Marilu Henner`s question: `Do you think women are depicted in movies and on television in an accurate and positive way? And please give us an example.` Ohio answered: `I think it depends on the movie! I think there are some movies that put women in a very positive role, and then some movies that would put them in a little bit more of a negative role, but by the end of the movie they show that women power that I know we all have. Such as movie, Pretty Woman! We had a wonderful, beautiful woman Julia Roberts, and she was having a rough time. But you know what, she came out on top and she didn't let anybody stay in her path." And just like that Audrey became the Lauren Caitlin Upton of this pageant as her answer was widely criticized because she chose the movie `Pretty Woman` which is about a prostitute and the man who buys her. When asked about it during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she defended her answer and said she wouldn`t change it. Jimmy suggested another Julia Roberts movie `Erin Brockovich` would have been a better choice if it had to be a Julia Roberts movie. Obviously, it would have been hard to come up with a good movie right away. Rhode Island probably would have gone with an Audrey Hepburn film if she got this question which would probably have been safer. Audrey said that `Pretty Woman` was on TV during one of their off days so it was fresh in her mind.

I absolutely loved the delegates with the hosts and Donald Trump doing the lipsync to Carly Rae Jepsen`s infectious hit `Call Me Maybe`. Carly Rae hails from a city called Mission which is about an hour drive from my city Vancouver. She also placed third at Canadian Idol but after Justin Bieber got some of his friends to do a lipsync video to this song, it became an international success. And at last, for the final look, the top 5 were serenaded by Akon singing his latest hit, ``America`s Most Wanted`` and I must say that I liked the song although I question the appropriateness of some of the lyrics like talking about doing his 25 to life just to have her by his side or saying that he`s not the type to cuff his chick but he`d make sure she wouldn`t leave. Well, at least this was a cooler way to do the serenades. If you go back to the early 80s, you`d see some pretty uncomfortable moments like in Miss Universe 1983 when El Puma, Jose Luis Rodriguez would sing right in each girl`s face and had this look on his face like at any moment, he was either going to stick a yard of tongue down her throat or bite her nose off. I`m not sure which! The top 5 looked great but I loved how Rhode Island was totally getting into it and did a nice twirl and I totally wanted to see more of Maryland working that gown and I wished they hadn`t cut away to Akon just as Nana was getting that gown going.
And finally, the amazing Alyssa Campanella did her farewell walk and she definitely has a bright future in store for her. Then, Georgia was announced as 4th runner up, Nevada was 3rd runner up, the 2nd runner up was Ohio and then it came down to Maryland and Rhode Island and they must have us wait for a little too long but at least they didn`t drag it out as much as they did at Miss Universe 2011. Both Maryland and Rhode Island are run by the same directorship, D&D investments so they must have been very proud to have the top 2 this year. Maryland was 1st runner up and Rhode Island`s Olivia Culpo was officially declared Miss USA 2012. A win that no one could really debate and was well deserved.
Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes and Miss Teen USA 2011, Danielle Doty welcome their new sister Olivia Culpo, Miss USA 2012 to the sisterhood.As Olivia was going to her New York apartment to be welcomed into the sisterhood, news broke the day after the pageant about Pennsylvania`s Sheena Monnin. As for Sheena Monnin, well, she now moanin' as she posted to her facebook page that she was resigning as Miss Pennsylvania USA. Initially, the reason for her resignation wasn`t cited but she did post on facebook: "In my heart I believe in honesty, fair play, a fair opportunity, and high moral integrity, none of which in my opinion are part of this pageant system any longer," so later it was learned that she claimed that she heard that Miss Florida, Karina Brez, had seen a list of the top 5 before the pageant in the exact order that they were called and thought it was too coincidental. However, Karina Brez said that she did indeed see a list but said she didn`t remember even talking to Sheena and that it was probably a rehearsal list and Rhode Island wasn`t on the list. Of course, rehearsals are done before the pageant and I remember that one of the mock top 5`s had Georgia in it who also placed in the actual top 5. The Miss Universe organization called Sheena's accusations and resignation to simply be an extreme case of sour grapes because she didn`t place and they also cited an earlier email sent to her state director indicating her opposition to allowing transgendered women like Jenna Talackova to compete. My problem with this is that it was all based on hearsay and Sheena didn`t take a picture of this supposed list so she has no proof and she didn`t come forward until after the pageant where she didn`t place so it just makes her look bad. I don`t think the top 5 was that hard to guess either. Even if you look at my predictions list, the top 5 were all scattered amongst my top 10. Trump wanted Monnin to apologize and when she didn`t, he said he would pursue legal action. "I don't think that she had an issue with that," Trump said referring to the transgender issue. "I think her primary issue is that she lost and she's angry about losing. And frankly, in my opinion, I saw her barely a second and she didn't deserve to be in the top 15." Guiliana Rancic when talking to Karina Brez during an E! News interview said she noticed that Sheena didn`t really seem to be into it and having fun with the experience like the rest of the delegates which was surprising to hear since Sheena has been competing for years in various states like Texas and Florida and finally won Pennsylvania on her last year of eligibility so one would think that she really wanted to enjoy the experience of competing at Miss USA. I think it would be very hard for something of this magnitude to be outright fixed seeing how there are accountants and production teams involved. I have heard of instances where a name of a preferred contestant may be thrown out by a director and I think judges can be influenced by various factors like even when the audience cheers loudly for one contestant as opposed to the others. It has become common knowledge that after Trump was not happy that Ukraine did not place at Miss Universe 2004 that since 2005, 9 of the semifinalists are actually selected in the preliminaries and members of the Miss Universe organization choose 6 semifinalists and the 16th semifinalist is determined by the Internet vote. Still, we get surprise delegates most years like we did prior to 2005 so I don`t know that this selection process really changed much but I don`t know that the winners were exactly who they wanted each year. For example, I don`t really know if Trump would have wanted recent winners like Rima Fakih or Leila Lopes to win their titles as they don`t really seem to be his type. I think the only good thing to come out of all this is that the scores may return! And you all know how much I love scores! From Miss Teen USA 1989 up until Miss USA 2002, the judge`s individual scores were shown for each delegate but that stopped during Miss Universe 2002 when only a composite score was shown but it stopped entirely in 2003 when the pageants moved from CBS to NBC but much to my delight, the composite scores came back in 2007 but then were omitted again in 2011 when the online fan ranking thing came in. I`m actually glad the fan ranking thing was gone because as I mentioned last year, it was very distracting but this year, they could have shown the actual scores but they didn`t as was done in 2003.
In any case, we have a new and stunning Miss USA with Rhode Island`s Olivia Culpo and we should be focusing our attention on her and she will compete for Miss Universe 2012 in December. It`s interesting to note that the longest time period that the USA has gone without a Miss Universe is 15 years when Shawn Weatherly won in 1980, it was 15 years later that Chelsi Smith won for the USA. Now, here we are 15 years after Brook Lee`s win in 1997 so will Olivia be able to match this gap for the USA or will it be the longest time in history that the USA has gone without winning Miss Universe? We`ll find out in December!

The Prethoughts for Miss USA 2012




Some photos courtesy Miss Universe L.P., LLLP