THE RESULTS (September 29, 2023)

UmaSofia Srivastava of New Jersey is Miss Teen USA 2023!

And it's a first win for New Jersey and it's a back to back win for a delegate of half-Indian descent for the first time in history! That great name of UmaSofia Srivistava of New Jersey has captured the 2023 Miss Teen USA crown for the garden state at only 16 years old! Last year's winner, Nebraska's Faron Medhi has an Indian father and Caucasian mother and this year's winner, New Jersey's UmaSofia Srivastava has an Indian father but a Mexican mother and she has them to thank for her exotic great looks and she definitely has that cute teen look to her. She attends the Academy of St. Elizabeth and she authored and illustrated a book called 'The White Jaguar' based on her dad's nickname for her 'Little Jaguar' and the book includes the four languages that she speaks which are: English, Spanish, Hindi and French. Other awards won included New Jersey winning the state costume competition (in addition to the whole competition!), New York- overall interview, Ohio- overall photogenic, Mississippi- overall evening gown and Florida- most impactful.

In terms of my predictions, Teen can sometimes be so random and this felt like one of those years. I picked 11 of the top 20 plus 3 alternates: Georgia, South Carolina, District of Columbia and 1 honorable mention: Virginia. The 5 ladies I missed entirely were: Pennsylvania who was literally the highest next tier delegate for me and she was second runner up, Washington, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Rhode Island. My 9 picks that didn't place were: my winner-Arizona (I'm extremely baffled that she didn't even place), Nevada, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Florida, Delaware, South Dakota and West Virginia.



Winner=New Jersey-UmaSofia Srivastava

Winner=Arizona-Peyton Stuewe

1st Runner Up=New York-Stephanie Skinner

1st Runner Up=Ohio-Carolina Sola*

2nd Runner Up=Pennsylvania-Maggie Ross

2nd Runner Up=Nevada-Emily Cox

3rd Runner Up=Texas-Haylee Puckett

3rd Runner Up=New York-Stephanie Skinner*

4th Runner Up=Ohio-Carolina Sola

4th Runner Up=Utah-Jocelyn Osmond*



California-Taliya Peiris

New Jersey-UmaSofia Srivastava*

District of Columbia-Asia Chisley

Oklahoma-Jaselyn Rossman*

Georgia-Denim Lovett

Louisiana-Averi Blyss Crawford

Illinois-Vivica Lewandowski

Arkansas-Mackenzie Scott

Iowa-Madeline Erickson

Iowa-Madeline Erickson*

Missouri-Madison Beck

Tennessee-Blye Allen*

North Dakota-Morgan Schwindt

Texas-Haylee Puckett*

Oklahoma-Jaselyn Rossman

Illinois-Vivica Lewandowski*

Rhode Island-Lola Paolissi §

New Mexico-Asia Rose Simpson

South Carolina-Kenlee McVay

Florida-Sharlysse Nelson

Tennessee-Blye Allen

Delaware-Molly Lavelle

Utah-Jocelyn Osmond

California-Taliya Peiris*

Virginia-Ashley Wang

South Dakota-Lindsey Pfingston

Washington-Mackenzie Kuiken

Missouri-Madison Beck*

Wisconsin-Shelby Hohneke

West Virginia-Lakyn Campbell

ALTERNATES: Mississippi, Georgia*, Alabama, South Carolina*, District of Columbia*


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Kentucky, Virginia*, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maryland

§ = won online vote

* = made actual top 20

I will post my full commentary on Miss Teen USA 2023 on October 9.


THE PREDICTIONS (September 28, 2023)

Here come the predictions for Miss Teen USA 2023! The preliminaries weren't livestreamed this year so BOO! but I managed to get some pics. This year is very crunched with the sudden shift in directorship from Crystle Stewart to Laylah Rose Loiczly so I'm actually not surprised but I heard the prelims are being recorded and may be available later. The problem with this is that there are certain delegates that just glow during preliminaries. For example, last year's winner, Nebraska's Faron Medhi wasn't even in my list originally until I watched her in preliminaries and I witnessed the glow and she was just beaming that I suddenly knew she would place so I put her in my top 10 only to witness her actually win the whole thing!! You never know... but anyway, I've used some of my resources and came up with this year's final predictions list for Miss Teen USA 2023 without fully viewing preliminaries so let's see how I do! The judges are: Katie Cazorla – TV personality, entrepeneur, stand-up comedian, Tabitha Swatosh – Influencer, Emily Shah – Actress, producer, entrepreneur, Miss New Jersey USA 2014, Mindy Mahy – Founder of Kopu Water and celebrating her 40th anniversary of her win, the first Miss Teen USA-New York's Ruth Zakarian – Miss Teen USA 1983. Interestingly enough, Nevada's Nia Sanchez-Miss USA 2014 and USA's Shree Saini (1st runner up at Miss World 2021/22) were previously listed as judges but aren't anymore for unknown reasons...

After digging through social media, reviewing bios, videos and pictures, I have now come up with my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2023 and they are as follows!


Winner = Arizona-Peyton Stuewe

I look at Peyton's pure joy when she won her state title and like Faron Medhi last year, I just see the glow. Like Bruce Lee, she's got the glow, yo! Apart from the pictures, Peyton is experienced in pageantry being a former Miss Junior High School America so I just feel like she's it. Arizona has never won Miss Teen USA but their best placement was 4th at Miss Teen USA 1999 thanks to Danielle Demski. Is Peyton about to win Arizona's first Miss Teen USA crown??

1st Runner Up = Ohio-Carolina Sola

Carolina just has that great teen look and this gown is amazing and the fact that she is Filipina-American means that she has been well exposed to pageantry so after being a runner-up twice in her state pageant, she clinched the title this year and she is a general favorite all around. Ohio has captured the crown in 2005 thanks to Allie Laforce.

2nd Runner Up = Nevada-Emily Cox

I adore Emily. She's gorgeous and seems like so much fun and this gown is showstoppingly stunning! However, my dilemma with her is that I think a predominantly female panel of judges may not be as receptive to her and could take her out completely but I think she has prepared well as she was also Miss Teen Nevada Earth 2021

3rd Runner Up = New York-Stephanie Skinner

I hope Stephanie wears her hair like she did when she won her state pageant as it reminded me of Utah's Loni Sorden who was 2nd runner up at Miss Teen USA 1995. Apart from that, Stephanie is very experienced in pageantry having won the Miss High School America pageant in 2021. New York hasn't won the crown since 1983 and that winner, Ruth Zakarian happens to be a judge this year so let's see if Stephanie can pull off a second win for the empire state.

4th Runner Up = Utah-Jocelyn Osmond

The original winner of Miss Utah Teen USA, Anjolie Karmen stepped down causing Jocelyn to step up into the role of Miss Utah Teen USA and Jocelyn has some very notable family members as she is a legacy candidate being the daughter of Miss Utah Teen USA 1994, Heather Henderson and Jared Virl Osmond who is the son of George Virl Osmond Jr. who is the oldest brother of Donny and Marie Osmond! Donny and Marie hosted Miss USA 2008 together and Donny has performed during the Miss Universe 1979 and Miss USA 1980 pageants. Also experienced in pageantry, Jocelyn was also Miss Utah's Outstanding Teen 2022 placing in the top 11 at Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2023. Here's an instagram video of great-uncle Donny Osmond giving some fun advice to Jocelyn.


New Jersey-UmaSofia Srivastava

For one thing, I love her name and UmaSofia has a very teen look and is an exotic blend with a Mexican mother and an Indian father so I think she will stand out in a unique way. She authored and illustrated a book called 'The White Jaguar' to inspire people of all ages to embrace what makes them unique and in the book there are four languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, and French – all of which she speaks. She is also a pianist and blogger and works with the Lotus Petal Foundation to help underprivileged children in India receive a well rounded education, proper nutrition and healthcare. New Jersey has never won the crown with their best placement being 1st runner up in 2007 thanks to Alyssa Campanella who would later win Miss USA 2011. Could UmaSofia's overall impressiveness win her New Jersey's first Miss Teen USA crown?

Oklahoma-Jaselyn Rossman

Jaselyn is very achieved being a dance champion and recognized basketball player who was class president and valedictorian of her high school class and she currently studies accounting at Oklahoma State University. Oklahoma has a history of sending great teen contestants and Jaselyn is no exception. They haven't won the crown since Allison Brown won it for Oklahoma in 1986 so is it time again with Jaselyn?

Louisiana-Averi Blyss Crawford

That name! Averi Blyss Crawford. It's pure blyss... and she has a great overall look too. Averi's white gown is outstanding. Averi's a very well-rounded high school student too being the senior class secretary, a member of the cheerleading squad and other arts club and the honors society with ambitions to major in construction management before attending law school and she founded Hair Care for Hope providing hair care supplies to donate to domestic violence clinics to help victims regain their confidence. Louisiana has won two Miss Teen USA crowns thanks to Shelley Hennig in 2004 and Katherine Haik in 2015 so is it time again?

Arkansas-Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie is an overall great candidate as not only is she naturally pretty but I saw an interview online and I think she speaks well too and I think it comes from life experience as she is a sophomore at John Brown University where she is double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in Business and works as a Buyer and Manager of the Bridal Business at Violet’s Bridal and Formal.

Iowa-Madeline Erickson

Madeline's gown caught my eye as I love the color and the bow at the front looks very teen also. Iowa has been placing in recent years so why not keep the streak going with Maddie? Maddie also wants to go into sports broadcasting and break barriers in a male-dominated field and I feel like her performance was strong overall so I'm putting her in my list. Iowa won its only Miss Teen USA crown back in 1992 thanks to Jamie Solinger.

Tennessee-Blye Allen

Tennessee normally sends strong contenders and Blye certainly seems to be one to watch. She loves to perform and sings in a teen country band. Her distinct curls make her a standout but she is also an honor student and has her sights set on a career in medicine. She is currently a member of the National Academy of Future Physicians and plans to do a medical internship in Vietnam next summer. Tennessee has captured two Miss Teen USA crowns with Shelly Moore in 1997 and Stormi Henley in 2009 so is Blye next?

Texas-Haylee Puckett

Haylee has that dimpled smile, speaks well and this gown is great with the combination of black and pink. She is also a published author of an inspiring and impactful self-love journal that impacts Gen Z nationwide. She plans to attend Texas A&M University, aspiring to pursue dual degrees in Marketing and Communications, with the ultimate goal of owning a successful real estate brokerage firm. Texas has won 3 Miss Teen USA crowns so will Haylee be the next?

Illinois-Vivica Lewandowski

Vivica is a legacy delegate being the daughter of Miss Illinois USA 1998-Mandy Jo Lane Lewandowski and here's a plot twist, Vivica was named after actress Vivica A. Fox who happens to be a judge for Miss USA (not Miss Teen USA) so maybe the two Vivica's will meet while in Reno? Vivica has also founded a charity raising money for such causes as veterans' PTSD research, family therapy and marriage counselling and she has even been learning to speak, write, and read in Mandarin Chinese for eight years!

New Mexico-Asia Rose Simpson

Like 3 recent Miss Universes, Asia is also half-Filipina and she has maintained straight A’s since elementary school. She was born in Hobbs, New Mexico, and is a dual citizen of the United States and the Philippines. She entered her first pageant at the age of 14, where she was first runner up, as well as Active Wear and won on her second try at age 15. When she was 8 years old, she was able to attend the Miss Universe 2016 in Manila with her family, and she even met Paula Shugart and took a picture with her! I feel like the judges will warm up to her and her experience with pageantry so I'm putting her in my list.

Florida-Sharlysse Nelson

I don't see it but she seems to be a heavy favorite amongst others so I'm putting her in my list due to that. She's only 15 but Florida is a pretty competitive state having won Miss Teen USA just two years ago thanks to Breanna Myles so let's see how Sharlysse does as she has already held titles in other pageant systems.

Delaware-Molly Lavelle

Molly also impressed me in an interview I saw online as she seems very engaging when she speaks and sincere and also a natural beauty. She is very into sports and you know how they love that tomboy angle in pageants, right? She wants to be a sideline reporter for the NFL and currently is the Sports Section editor of her school newspaper and a fitness instructor. Delaware last won the crown in 1999 thanks to Ashley Coleman and they last placed in 2016 so can Molly do it?


California-Taliya Peiris

She speaks well and she should have something to win a competitive state like California so I think she could be a diversity pick and could place due to being the first Sri Lankan Miss California Teen USA.

South Dakota-Lindsay Pfingston

I really wanted to put her in my list and I really liked her look in gown but I can't find any interviews with her and her aspirations seem to basically be a model so I don't know that this will go over well with the judges.

Missouri-Madison Beck

She appears achieved in other pageants and was student council president and I like the hot pink gown but I don't know who to take out of my list to fit her in but it will all become clear soon.

West Virginia-Lakyn Campbell

Lakyn is also achieved being valedictorian of her high school class and she is studying journalism at the West Virginia University Honors College and the gown is nice but she just ended up here on my list.

Mississippi-Claire Ulmer

The body and gown look great but I'm not sure about interview so I'm keeping her as an alternate.


Georgia-Denim Lovett

She could be up there but I just am not sure about interview.

Alabama-Kensey Collins

She's only 15 but she has the nice curls and seems like a decent overall delegate but I don't know about interview.

South Carolina-Kenlee McVay

She's tall and comes from a competitive state but I just don't feel strongly enough about this delegate.

District of Columbia-Asia Chisley

A cellist, figure skater and lash technician aiming to be a behavioral analyst for the FBI. She seems achieved and her unique look could get her in so we'll see.

Kentucky-MèShyia Bradshaw

She has a story about her father being incarcerated and a unique look. From what I've seen, I wasn't really convinced about interview but she could be up there.

In my next tier, I have: Virginia, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania

So there you have it! Another year with another list so let's see how it goes this time around and we'll find out who I got right or who I missed entirely!

Watch the webcast for Miss Teen USA 2023 at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on September 28 using the CW app on for viewers in the U.S. (not available in Canada unless you have a VPN... BOO!)



Faron Medhi, Miss Teen USA 2022

Who will succeed Nebraska's Faron Medhi and be the teen queen for 2023?

This will be the first Miss Teen USA pageant under the directorship of Laylah Rose Loiczly and while the Miss USA pageant is being broadcast, Miss Teen USA is still being streamed in the U.S. on the CW app or on

The host is Justin Sylvester who co-hosts E! News with Chris Persky and current Miss Teen USA, Faron Medhi serving as commentators.

Preliminaries are on September 27 at 6:30pm Pacific Standard Time, then the big day for the Miss Teen USA 2023 crowning is September 28 at 7pm Pacific Standard Time and the pageant will be held for the sixth time as a concurrent event only a day prior to the Miss USA 2023 competition in Reno, Nevada.

I will post my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2023 on the morning of September 28 after analyzing preliminaries (I am not sure if preliminaries are being streamed this year as things seem to be quite rushed at the last minute. If not, I'll just go with my gut feeling for predictions) and we will find out later that day, who wins the crown!




Some photos courtesy Miss Universe L.P., LLLP