THE RESULTS (November 28, 2021)

Breanna Myles of Florida is Miss Teen USA 2021!

In a year of some very suspect judging, we shall see what's in store for Miss USA as the preliminary judges for both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA were the same so expect some major surprises.
Interestingly enough, all of the top 5 had never hit their respective positions in the list of Who Has the Most Miss Teen USAs? For example, Florida had never won before, District of Columbia had never been 1st runner up, Texas had never been 2nd runner up, Pennsylvania had never been 3rd runner up and Utah had never been 4th runner up! It's almost as if they took pity of some of the underdog states (or cities, in DC's case) and wanted to shake things up this year. And shake they did... Lots of favorites were left out and I really tried to look at bios and find the delegates that were the best overall but then surprises were to be expected as is often the case at Miss Teen USA. I will say last year was more sensibly judged though and I still think my list is better...

Breanna is Florida's first Miss Teen USA winner and this proud Afro-Latina winning the national title at age 18. She was born in Kentucky to a Dominican mother and African-American father, and moved to Florida at age seven. Raised in Port St. Lucie, Florida, she graduated from high school in 2021, with a dual enrollment associate degree from Indian River State College. She attends Florida State University studying computer science and musical theatre with ambitions of becoming a software engineer. In terms of my predictions, I picked 9 of the top 16 plus 1 alternate (Florida who won), 1 honorable mention (Mississippi). The 5 ladies I missed were: District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin and Wyoming. My 7 picks that didn't place were: Tennessee (huge shock exclusion but probably needed a better gown?), Michigan (the daughter of Miss Michigan Teen USA 1999 and top 5 finalist at Miss Teen USA 1999-Sara Dusendang-Moylan who was so fun and good-spirited but took a risk wearing a watermelon-esque gown), Delaware (who had an amazing body and gown), Hawaii (also had an amazing gown and very bright), Alabama, Indiana and Oklahoma (the host delegate who looked very teen and had a great gown). This year's congeniality award went to Nebraska's Daisy Sudderth. The winner of the fan vote was Georgia's Liza Greenberg (who was also my pick to win). The photogenic award went to Indiana's Lexi Gryszowka. The top 3 of the state costume competition were: Utah, New Mexico and Washington.



Winner=Florida-Breanna Myles

Winner=Georgia-Liza Greenberg*

1st Runner Up=District of Columbia-Hannah Gilliard

1st Runner Up=South Carolina-Augusta Roach*

2nd Runner Up=Texas-Landry Davis

2nd Runner Up=Tennessee-Annie Zhao

3rd Runner Up=Pennsylvania-Yvonne Burke

3rd Runner Up=Louisiana-Gracie Petry*

4th Runner Up=Utah-Ayzjiahna Wood

4th Runner Up=Michigan-Jada Moylan



California-Cameron Doan

California-Cameron Doan*

Georgia-Liza Greenberg

Delaware-Sky Knox

Iowa-Angel Strong

Hawaii-Tia Bustamante

Louisiana-Gracie Petry

Iowa-Angel Strong*

Maryland-Maria Derisavi

Maryland-Maria Derisavi*

Mississippi-Mattie Grace Morris

Texas-Landry Davis*

Missouri-Anna Long

Alabama-Dailyn Swann

Nebraska-Daisy Sudderth

Indiana-Lexi Gryszowka

South Carolina-Augusta Roach

Oklahoma-Hunter Gorton

Wisconsin-Shreya Gundelly

Nebraska-Daisy Sudderth*

Wyoming-Teryn Thatcher

Utah-Ayzjiahna Wood*


ALTERNATES: Nevada, Florida*, Ohio, New Hampshire, Illinois


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Mississippi*, Virginia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Alaska


* = made actual top 16

I will post my full commentary on Miss Teen USA 2021 on December 7.


THE PREDICTIONS (November 27, 2021)

Here come the predictions for Miss Teen USA 2021! The preliminary judges for both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA preliminaries were: Leeanne Locken-Miss Arizona USA 1989, Paul Anthony, Dr. Pamela Price, Chuck Steelman, and Elan Bongiorno. You might have noticed that some of the delegates were out of order and the reason for that was an incentive to sell ad pages in the program book was to pick the order of where you competed in the preliminaries. It's an unusual twist and I almost thought it was because some of the girls didn't like each other (like in Miss Universe 2001 when they had to separate Israel and Lebanon during preliminaries) but I hope they don't continue this as it's confusing and unnecessary. After watching the preliminaries and viewing bios, headshots, some online pics and overall impression juggling other people's impressions as well bearing in mind that there is new directorship for both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA so we shall see how this goes...

After reviewing preliminaries, bios, videos and pictures, I have now come up with my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2021 and they are as follows!


Winner = Georgia-Liza Greenberg

Liza just had the right look overall for me and has a story of being a child of divorce. She is studying at the University of Georgia majoring in elementary education with ambitions to become an elementary school teacher. Liza was also runner-up to last year's Georgia rep who placed as 2nd runner up last year and Georgia has never won Miss Teen USA despite having multiple runners-up so is it finally time for the peach state?

1st Runner Up = South Carolina-Augusta Roach

Augusta has been a favorite from the beginning and I wouldn't be surprised to see her take it all. I was hoping for a better gown than this but I'm sure she excelled in interview and fitness wear. She graduated in the top three percent of her high school class. She studies mass communications at the University of South Carolina Honors College. Augusta has a chance to be South Carolina's third Miss Teen USA succeeding their wins in 1998 and 2014. Can she do it?

2nd Runner Up = Tennessee-Annie Zhao

I like Annie a lot but oh, how I wish she wore a better gown than this for prelims... I think Annie just a natural charm about her and Tennessee normally gets it right in Teen. She is the first Tennessee titleholder of Asian descent and she is very bright hoping to be a gynecologist and has shadowed doctors and scientists. She is a violinist and advocates for childhood literacy and combatting racial injustice. Tennessee has won the crown twice (1997 and 2009) so can Annie do it again for the volunteer state?

3rd Runner Up = Louisiana-Gracie Petry

Gracie has been making a lot of appearances and is also showing that she wants this and her gown is stunning and her style seems reminiscent of her state's own Shelley Hennig-Miss Teen USA 2004. Louisiana also won the crown in 2015 and Gracie is expected to do well and she could even take it all. She studies at Louisiana State University majoring in biology with ambitions to go into medicine and she founded a non-profit called Smile Pack, which sends packages of toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss to children in need of dental care. Gracie won the Louisiana title on her fifth attempt but with that persistence, will she win Miss Teen USA on her first try??

4th Runner Up = Michigan-Jada Moylan

This gown is giving me a watermelon sugar high... and I want more berries! It's actually fun and Teen just like Jada and I appreciate the risk she took. One of this year's major legacy delegates, Jada is the daughter of Sara Dusendang who placed 5th at Miss Teen USA 1999 but this gown is sharp contrast from the simple but flattering gown that her mother wore but they both are incredibly fit as the athleticism seems to run in the family. Will Jada be able to match her mother's achievement or could she even go all the way? Michigan has never won the crown but was 1st runner up in 2005. Will this legacy delegate be Michigan's first Miss Teen USA?


California-Cameron Doan

Cameron's look is very Jojo Siwa and she even showed off her baton twirling skills during the state costume competition. She was also previously Miss California's Outstanding Teen 2018. I really liked this unique gradient gown and you can see that she wants this. California has won the Miss Teen USA crown twice (1994 and 2013) so can Cameron give her state a third?

Delaware-Sky Knox

This name with an extra y is problematic. Don't google why... Anyway, Sky has an incredible body and overall look and she was also Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen 2018 and performs lyrical gymnastics so this explains her amazing body and she is also a classically trained musician and has a story of overcoming sexual assault. Sky has a good chance of going all the way and she could even be Delaware's second Miss Teen USA after Ashley Coleman in 1999. Wouldn't that be something given that Ashley's 4th runner up's daughter is competing this year??

Hawaii-Tia Bustamante

I really love this gown! No state has won the Miss Teen USA title two years in a row but Tia could change that! She is another medical student and is very achieved attending Chaminade University of Honolulu majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology, studying to become a Pediatric Oncologist on a full scholarship and has received a Gold Presidential Community Service Award having completing 250 hours of community service. Hawaii has captured the crown twice in 1985 and 2020 so can Tia do it again for the Aloha state?

Iowa-Angel Strong

She's strong...Angel Strong! What a great name! And what a beauty too! Yes, I did notice the stumble in the preliminary gown competition but she didn't let it phase her and she recovered nicely. Iowa has won the crown once back in 1992 so can Angel do it again? She attends Drake University where she is majoring in International Relations and Environmental Science hoping to have a career in Diplomacy and become a member of the United Nations Environmental Program. She speaks French and is currently learning Arabic and is involved with environmental causes so she is one to watch.

Maryland-Maria Derisavi

Born In Kuwait, Maria moved from Kuwait to Maryland with her mother and three siblings at age 9 and she is a trilingual Iranian-American who even is a Chinese tutor and has interned for a Maryland senator. Passionate about educating others about global human rights issues, Maria was accepted into her county’s Global and International Studies Academy. Maryland has captured the crown back in 2010 so will Maria impress her way into the semifinals and possibly go all the way to capture a second crown for Maryland?

Texas-Landry Davis

Yet another medical student, Landry is in the Texas Christian University Pre-Health Program and has a great overall look and presentation. Texas has captured the Miss Teen USA crown three times (1996, 2011 and 2016) but they haven't placed since 2017 surprisingly so can Landry bring Texas back in a big way?

Alabama-Dailyn Swann

I like the Disney effect that Dailyn's gown has. This is also an impressive young lady who completed her junior and senior year simultaneously to graduate with honors a year early and she managed to obtain 29 college credits through dual enrollment courses while in high school. She attends the University of Alabama at Birmingham double majoring in political science and Spanish aiming to become an attorney to focus on human rights and immigration law inspired by her two adopted brothers from Honduras adopted by Dailyn's parents seeing the struggle of the immigration process. Alabama has never won the crown so Dailyn has a chance to be the first. Can she do it?

Indiana-Lexi Gryszowka

Lexi won her state title on her first try and she is actually quite stunning and stood out in preliminaries. Also an impressive young lady, she graduated with a 4.31 GPA and she also is a member of the National Honor Society, Sounds of South, is a competitive dancer for One Step Above, and runs track. She also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity and the Hoosier Hills food bank. Indiana has never won the crown but they did place as 1st runner up in 1993 thanks to Kelly Lloyd. Will Lexi bring the Hoosiers their first crown?

Oklahoma-Hunter Gorton

The host delegate looks very teen and I think her style will appeal to the judges. Hunter is studying to be a nurse. She is also the sister of Taylor Gorton, Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2008 and Miss Oklahoma USA 2016. Oklahoma usually does well at Miss Teen USA but they haven't won the crown since 1986 so is it time again?

Nebraska-Daisy Sudderth

Daisy has quite the story about being a military child living all over the world but after living in Turkey for 3 years and having to flee, her mother was separated from her but they were later reunited in Nebraska. Daisy is an advocate for equality due to having a sister who is transgendered. She is also studying at the University of Houston where she is majoring in journalism, and later plans to also study political science. Nebraska has never won the crown but is currently enjoying a two year streak in the semifinals and Daisy wants to make it a third and of course, get her state's first crown.

Utah-Ayzjiahna Wood

At age 16, Ayzjiahna is this year's youngest contestant. Fresh off the state costume win, Ayzjiahna should have the confidence to do well and she was impressive when she won her state title. She is half Filipina and half African-American. She takes advanced classes in the medical field from Weber State University. She plans to be certified as a nursing assistant by next year where she will then intern in a dermatology clinic. Utah has never won the crown but they do have a 2nd runner up thanks to Loni Sorden in 1995 so could young Ayzjiahna captured Utah's first Miss Teen USA crown?


Nevada-Noelani Mendoza

Just missing my list is Nevada who is a good candidate who could be up there but it came down to bios and track record as Noelani was a semifinalist twice before winning her state title and I was hoping for a better gown than this. Nevada has never won Miss Teen USA but they have ranked a 2nd runner up 4 times.

Florida-Breanna Myles

Also a possibility, Florida's delegate has a nice gown but somehow just seems to fall short of making my list but she could be up there. Florida has never won Miss Teen USA and surprisingly has never even made the top 5.

Ohio-Grace-Anne Larschied

She had loud crowd support and has an anti-vaping platform so she could be up there.

New Hampshire-Emilee Mills

Emilee is another legacy delegate being the daughter of Miss New Hampshire (America) 1995, Stephanie Foisy Mills. She could also be up there so we'll see what happens. New Hampshire won the crown once back in 1991 and has only placed one other time since.

Illinois-Gissell Bahena

She was certainly noticeable during preliminaries but she might be deemed somewhat over-the-top so we'll see what the judges do.


Mississippi-Mattie Grace Morris

She could be up there. It's hard to say for sure. Mississippi last won the crown back in 1987.

Virginia-Alyssa Mawyer

Virginia has never won the crown but their highest placement was 1st runner up back in the very first Miss Teen USA pageant in 1983. This delegate is good but somehow falls short for me so we'll see what happens.

Massachusetts-Shannon Malloy

She did stand out in preliminaries but perhaps not strongly enough in this competitive year. Massachusetts has never won the crown but did place as 2nd runner up in 2001.

North Dakota-Aspen Hennessy

North Dakota has sporadic successes but they have never won the crown but do have two 1st runner up placements in 2011 and 2019. Aspen has an interesting name and a decent look so we'll see if she can do it.

Alaska-Ellie Smith

Photogenic Ellie is another legacy delegate as the daughter of Sarah Smith-Miss Alaska Teen USA 1998 who went unplaced in her year. How will Ellie do?

So there you have it! Another year with another list so let's see how it goes this time around and we'll find out who I got right or who I missed entirely!

Watch the webcast for Miss Teen USA 2021 at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time at the pageant vision website.



Ki'ilani Arruda, Miss Teen USA 2020

Who will succeed Hawaii's Ki'ilani Arruda and be the teen queen for 2021?

This will be the first Miss Teen USA pageant under the directorship of Crystle Stewart-Miss USA 2008 as Miss USA and Miss Teen USA have branched away from being under the umbrella of the Miss Universe Organization effective 2021 after the official announcement was made on Good Morning America on December 31, 2020.
The hosts for this year's Miss Teen USA competition are: Kalani Hilliker of Dance Moms fame and she was also a judge for Miss Teen USA 2018 as well as Nicole Adamo. The panel of judges include: Madison Brodsky – entertainment host and author, Claudia Correa – respiratory therapist, Chloe Lukasiak – dancer and Dance Moms star, Joni Rogers-Kante – CEO of SeneGence. Preliminaries for Miss Teen USA will be held on November 26. Prelims are being webcast this year on the pageant vision website and I'm going to have to go off of bios, up close videos and previous pictures to make predictions this year and will post them on the morning of November 27.

The big day for the Miss Teen USA 2021 crowning is November 27 and the pageant will be held for the fourth time as a concurrent event only a few days prior to the Miss USA 2021 competition at the Paradise Cover Theater of River Spirit Casino Resort in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I will post my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2021 on the morning of November 27 and we will find out later that day, who wins the crown!




Some photos courtesy Miss Universe L.P., LLLP