THE RESULTS (April 29, 2019)

It's a second win for the Constitution state! Connecticut has captured a second Miss Teen USA crown (succeeding Logan West's win in 2012) thanks to Kaliegh Garris whose unique look with the curly disco-diva afro that she sported helped her stand out in a big way and bring her to the top 5 where she gave an excellent answer to her final question that was clearly the best of that top 5. It should also be noted that this is the first set of black-to-black wins at Miss Teen USA as Kaliegh Garris' 2019 Miss Teen USA win succeeds that of 2018 Miss Teen USA, Kansas' Hailey Colborn. Previous black Miss Teen USA winners were: New Hampshire's Janel Bishop in 1991, Delaware's Ashley Coleman in 1999, Missouri's Marissa Whitley in 2001, Maryland's Kamie Crawford in 2010 and Connecticut's Logan West in 2012.

In terms of my predictions, I picked 7 of the top 15 plus 2 alternates (Nevada and Tennessee). The 6 ladies I missed were: North Dakota, Mississippi, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wyoming. I had my suspicions about North Dakota but kept her out when I saw some body shots of her state pageant. I liked Mississippi's headshot initially but then saw some previous headshots where she didn't look like the same person. Wyoming had a great gown at her state pageant that reminded me of that of Iris Mittenaere's at Miss Universe 2016 but I thought the judges wouldn't take a liking to her but I do think she will probably be Miss Wyoming USA in the near future. Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma were off my radar. Sometimes I think IMG might be a bit overly pro-midwest. I posted my predictions prior to watching preliminaries which were held on the same day as finals for the first time ever which made this quite the scramble but at least they did webcast the preliminaries unlike last year. After preliminaries, I did have the impression that Tennessee would place and that New Hampshire and Minnesota wouldn't and that turned out to be an accurate assessment so I guess I did need to watch preliminaries after all to predict better but there were some complete headscratchers in this top 15 that I never would have picked. Surprises are always to be expected but it really did feel like some of these names were picked out of a hat. The congeniality award returned this year though and that award went to Minnesota.



Winner=Connecticut-Kaliegh Garris

Winner=Massachusetts-Annie Lu*

1st Runner Up=North Dakota-Caitlyn Vogel

1st Runner Up=District of Columbia-Jaclyn Davis

2nd Runner Up=Nevada-Erica Bonilla

2nd Runner Up=Missouri-Abilene Lortz

3rd Runner Up=Mississippi-Kaylee McCollum

3rd Runner Up=Texas-Kennedy Edwards

4th Runner Up=Alabama-Kalin Burt

4th Runner Up=Illinois-A'Maiya Allen*



Arkansas-Maggie Williams

Connecticut-Kaliegh Garris*

Illinois-A'Maiya Allen

New Jersey-Ava Tortorici

Kansas-Hannah DeBok

Washington-Lily Lloyd

Maryland-Amalia Sanches

New Hampshire-Jadyn McDonough

Massachusetts-Annie Lu

Maryland-Amalia Sanches*

Nebraska-Erin Swanson

South Carolina-Allie Richardson*

Oklahoma-Abigail Billings

California-Alina Rae Carranza

South Carolina-Allie Richardson

Arkansas-Maggie Williams*

Tennessee-Bailey Guy

Alabama-Kalin Burt*

Wyoming-Grace Turner

Minnesota-Olivia Herbert


ALTERNATES: Nevada*, Hawaii, Tennessee*, Iowa, Virginia


HONORABLE MENTIONS: Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Florida


* = made actual top 15

I will post my full commentary on Miss Teen USA 2019 on May 7.


THE PREDICTIONS (April 28, 2018)

Here come the predictions for Miss Teen USA 2019! A lot of people were surprised to learn that the preliminaries for Miss Teen USA were being held on the same day as finals which made predicting that much more difficult so, to not make this a scramble, I am posting this year's Miss Teen USA predictions prior to preliminaries. This was extra difficult as I really had to go off of bios, headshots, some online pics and overall impression juggling other people's impressions as well bearing in mind that the IMG era is about accomplishments first so we shall see how this goes...

The hosts for this year's pageant are: Nia Sanchez-Miss USA 2014 and Tim Tialdo. The all-female judges/members of selection committee are: Katherine Haik-Miss Teen USA 2015, Kristen Walthers-Remington (Miss Nevada Teen USA 1999 and top 10 semifinalist at Miss Teen USA 1999), MJ Acosta, Ivette Fernandez, and Kristin Collin.

After reviewing bios and pictures, I have now come up with my final predictions for Miss Teen USA 2019 and they are as follows!


Winner = Massachusetts-Annie Lu

If they went with a Princeton girl last year, why not go for the Harvard girl this year? Annie is a freshman at Harvard University and not only that but she founded an environmental tech start-up in addition to BridgEd, an internationally recognized nonprofit organization that bridges the socioeconomic gap in education by providing low-income high school students with free college counseling. Annie is intelligent, accomplished and has a very pleasant look to her and she would be a worthy winner. Massachusetts has never won Miss Teen USA and last placed in 2015 so is it time for the Bay State?

1st Runner Up = District of Columbia-Jaclyn Davis

Jaclyn's headshot and overall look really appealed to me so then I looked for the accomplishments. She attends Towson University majoring in Psychology aiming to be a school psychologist to help eliminate the stigma linked to mental illness and has a story of surviving a mentally abusive relationship and for fun, she is a Disney fanatic. DC has never entered the top 5 at Miss Teen USA and hasn't placed since 2001 so could Jaclyn do it and even give the nation's capital their first Miss Teen USA win?

2nd Runner Up = Missouri-Abilene Lortz

She's only 15 but she has some significant achievements as an honors student who create a nonprofit society, STEM Girl Inc. which provides scholarship for girls aged 12-18 in Missouri. She advocates for STEM awareness and goes to schools discussing this. She has many awards and is clearly a bright girl so I'm looking for her to do very well in the competition. Missouri has won Miss Teen USA twice already (2001 and 2017) so is it time for another win for the Show Me state?

3rd Runner Up = Texas-Kennedy Edwards

Kennedy is the first African-American Miss Texas Teen USA and it should be noted both of the African-American Miss Texas USA winners (Chelsi Smith in 1995 and Crystle Stewart in 2008) went on to win their national crowns and one would even go to win Miss Universe so a lot of people are looking for Kennedy to do extremely well at Miss Teen USA and possibly even take it all. In terms of achievements, she graduated third in her high school class of over 500 students and earned a Capstone Academic Scholarship at Howard University and likes to educate youth on political involvement and its importance. Texas already has the best success rate at Miss Teen USA claiming 3 Miss Teen USA crowns (1996, 2011 and 2016) in addition to two 1st runner up placements (1986 and 2000).

4th Runner Up = Illinois-A'Maiya Allen

A'Maiya has a very cute look appropriate for Teen and she is accomplished. We have yet another Howard University student among us and she is majoring in public relations with hopes of becoming a digital content creator in the sports industry. She also launched a mentorship program called "High Heels High Hopes," at age 13 speaking to over 5000 young girls about the importance of social media responsibility, education and confidence. Illinois won their only Miss Teen USA crown in 1984 and placed as 3rd runner up last year so we'll see how A'Maiya does!


Connecticut-Kaliegh Garris

I love Kaliegh's unique look sporting the afro so it should help to make her stand out massively. She is a dual-enrolled student at Joseph A. Foran High School and the Educational Center for the Arts where she majors in theater. She dances competitively in multiple forms and has a story to tell about starting an awareness program focused on educating others about people with disabilities called "We Are People 1st" inspired by her older sister who has multiple disabilities. Connecticut won its only Miss Teen USA crown in 2012 but hasn't placed since so can Kaliegh do it?

New Jersey-Ava Tortorici

Ava seems warm and approachable with a very nice look and is also accomplished as she is pursuing a degree in medicine with a double major in biology and exercise science at Montclair State University with a goal to be a sports cardiologist in the NFL. She was awarded a provisional patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for one of her inventions and has numerous accolades to her name. She even started a non-profit organization called "Athletes with Asthma" speaking to students about exercise-induced asthma attacks. New Jersey has never won Miss Teen USA and they haven't placed since 2014 but I fully expect Ava to have a strong showing.

Washington-Lily Lloyd

Lily has a lot of accomplishments under her belt. She is associated student body president and a National Honor Society vice president, an official science scholar and a Tri-M Music Honor Society member. She takes eight advanced placement courses and holds a 3.85 GPA. Lily is also a cheerleader of nine years and created a nonprofit at the age of 15 called the Smize Foundation inspiring high school students to be involved with their local food banks. She also aspires to attend medical school and become a neurosurgeon. Washington has never won the crown and hasn't placed since 2010 so will Lily bring them back in a big way?

New Hampshire-Jadyn McDonough

Jadyn has a strong overall look and is accomplished. As a freshman at the University of South Carolina double majoring in finance and risk management with a minor in aerospace. She is a member of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps with aspirations to work in the Air Force so this could the rare unique achievement that puts her over the edge. Jadyn is an executive member of Circle of Sisterhood where sorority women work to help other women worldwide. New Hampshire has only placed twice (1991 and 2008) but their first placement was a win thanks to Janel Bishop. Will the Granite State have a triu