Congratulations to Miss Teen USA 2008, Stevi Perry of Arkansas! I'm quite happy with this win as Stevi is a lovely girl and will do a fine job as the new titleholder. The results were such a tease for me. Arkansas was right at the bottom of my top 15 predictions list strangely enough and my winner and 1st runner up ended up placing 2nd and 3rd. Such a tease!!! Even though I judged based on a few pictures of the delegates, I actually did a decent job with my predictions this year as I got 9 of the 15 semifinalists and 2 alternates. The 4 semifinalists that weren't in my list were Alabama, Idaho, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, although after seeing Pennsylvania's gown, I regretted not including her in my list. There will be more commentary in days to come.



Winner=Arkansas-Stevi Perry

Winner=South Carolina-Brittany Pjetraj*

1st Runner Up=South Carolina-Brittany Pjetraj

1st Runner Up=North Carolina-Julia Dalton*

2nd Runner Up=North Carolina-Julia Dalton

2nd Runner Up=New York-Sana Idnani

3rd Runner Up=Louisiana-Lindsey Evans

3rd Runner Up=Tennessee-Natalie Phillips

4th Runner Up=Idaho-Shareece Laree Pfieffer

4th Runner Up=Oklahoma-Taylor Gorton*



Alabama-Courtney Parker

New Hampshire-Courtney Morgan*

Arizona-Ashley Stainton

Minnesota-Sarah Sprayberry

California-Taylor Atkins

Florida-Jillian Wunderlich*

Colorado-Michelle Scimeca

Washington-Mandy Schendel

Florida-Jillian Wunderlich

Louisiana-Lindsey Evans*

Massachusetts-Caroline Lunny

Vermont-Sydney Perry

New Hampshire-Courtney Morgan

Colorado-Danielle Scimeca*

Oklahoma-Taylor Gorton

South Dakota-Elizabeth Hoffman

Pennsylvania-Elliot Griffin

Arizona-Ashley Stainton*

Virginia-Megan Myrehn

Arkansas-Stevi Perry*


ALTERNATES:California*, Texas, Virginia*, Missouri, Mississippi


HONORABLE MENTIONS:Alaska, Montana, Ohio, Wyoming, Michigan


* = made actual top 15


As we mourn the loss of Miss Teen USA on network television, and even though this year's pageant will not be shown on television, the tradition of making predictions must go on. During the internet era, we have had the privilege of seeing a lot more to help in making predictions but since this year's Miss Teen USA is just a week long event being held in the Bahamas (Atlantis, Paradise Island on August 16), we aren't getting as much coverage as we are used to. I think sometimes you can make more accurate predictions by just looking at a few pictures. And since I can't be there in the Bahamas, I won't have much of a commentary this year and I don't even know if I will ever see the pageant. Having said that, let's take a stab at these predictions and see how it goes...shall we??


Winner=South Carolina-Brittany Pjetraj

She just has that look in her face that says 'winner'. Simple as that. Even though Lauren Caitlin Upton brought a lot of popularity to her state last year with that notorious answer to her judge's question, Brittany is emerging as a favorite for the crown.

1st Runner Up=North Carolina-Julia Dalton

Gorgeous girl and really fresh. The Carolinas really brought their A game this year.

2nd Runner Up=New York-Sana Idnani

It's rare that you see an Indian girl compete at this pageant but when one does, you better believe she will be strong and Sana certainly stands out and seems well prepared and ready to deliver.

3rd Runner Up=Tennessee-Natalie Phillips

No surprises here. Tennessee has consistently been a strong state at this pageant and this girl is no exception. That great dimpled smile really adds to her fresh teen quality.

4th Runner Up=Oklahoma-Taylor Gorton

Taylor looks great and Oklahoma has really been performing well in pageantry lately so I expect this delegate to be strong.


New Hampshire-Courtney Morgan

This one was a surprise for me but I really liked her headshots so I'm putting her in here.

Minnesota-Sarah Sprayberry

Great looking girl with a great name to match.

Florida-Jillian Wunderlich

Since the pageant is being held in the Bahamas, this would be the closest thing to a hometown girl in this pageant but Jillian looks like she will do a fine job.

Washington-Mandy Schendel

I saw her compete live at a previous Washington Teen USA pageant and she was actually my pick to win but she was 1st runner up to Kendra Timm. This girl knows how to perform and has a great body so I hope she does well.

Louisiana-Lindsey Evans

This one has a great look but could be a little better body wise so we'll see how she does.


Vermont-Sydney Perry

I liked this girl's headshots too. She comes across as very pleasant and approachable and I think she can do quite well.

Colorado-Danielle Scimeca

The reigning Miss Teen USA is from Colorado and although the pressure will be on her, Danielle looks like a great confident delegate and has great potential.

South Dakota-Elizabeth Hoffman

Sure, why not. I liked her pictures and South Dakota doesn't usually have a strong showing in this pageant but I think this girl can do it.

Arizona-Ashley Stainton

Nice overall look. Seems to be a favorite on a lot of other lists.

Arkansas-Stevi Perry

Arkansas is one of those states that you never really can tell but this girl has a nice look overall and she also seems to be a favorite.


California-Taylor Atkins

Doesn't appear to be as strong as I would have liked but she's from California.

Texas-Lauren Guzman

I don't consider this girl better than past Texas teens that have been omitted from the semifinals so I've got her as an alternate.

Virginia-Megan Myrehn

This state usually does well but this one is just a possibility. I think she could be a little stronger.

Missouri-Jeni Dixon

Very unique and teen look could help her in this competition so we'll see.

Mississippi-Elizabeth Holloman

Decent look overall and she could be up there.


Alaska-Victoria Ray

Has decent headshots but I'm not totally positive on this one.

Montana-Stacey Velasco

I think she has a decent look. Montana usually gets overlooked though.

Ohio-Chelsie Folden

She looks decent but perhaps a little cold. We'll see.

Wyoming-Callie Bishop

The eyes are a bit mesmerizing. Maybe that means something?

Michigan-Elizabeth Hawthorne

She has a nice lean body and in some candid pics comes across as one of the nicer ones but some of the headshots make me doubt but who knows.

It's the end of Miss Teen as we know it...

Alas, alack and woe is precious Miss Teen USA pageant has departed from the airwaves. The pageant is being held in the Bahamas but unfortunately will not be shown on television for the first time in the pageant's history. Miss Teen USA was shown on CBS from 1983 to 2002 and NBC from 2003 to 2007. Allow me to take this opportunity to mourn this tremendous loss and reminisce about the pageant that enjoyed a memorable 25 year stint on network television.

It all began with a simple concept. The triple crown of beauty. Initially, when Miss Teen USA began in 1983, the idea was that if the winner met the age requirement that she would go on to compete at Miss USA and if she won Miss USA, then she would go on to compete at Miss Universe. If she was to win all 3 pageants, then she would win the triple crown of beauty. To date, no woman has accomplished the triple crown of beauty, although Miss Teen USA 1989 and Miss USA 1997, Brandi Sherwood came very close. After winning Miss Teen USA 1989, Brandi went on to compete at Miss USA 1997 to place 1st runner up to Hawaii's Brook Lee. When Brook later won Miss Universe, Brandi inherited the Miss USA crown. Miss Teen USA 1994, Shauna Gambill was also 1st runner up to Miss USA 1998, Shawnae Jebbia but Shauna was later chosen Miss World USA 1998 and went in an alternate route becoming the first and only Miss Teen USA to compete internationally at the Miss World pageant in 1998 placing as a finalist.

Ruth Zakarian is crowned the first Miss Teen USA in 1983 by Miss USA 1983, Julie HayekIn the beginning though, Miss Teen USA gained automatic entry into the Miss USA pageant if she met the age requirement. The first Miss Teen USA, Ruth Zakarian of New York was crowned by then reigning Miss USA, Julie Hayek of California. However, the 1984 Miss Teen USA pageant was held prior to Miss USA 1984. Cherise Haugen of Illinois won the 1984 Teen pageant and this resulted in both Ruth and Cherise competing at the 1984 Miss USA pageant. Both Miss Teens however did not make the top 10 at Miss USA 1984 when Mai Shanley of New Mexico impressed the judges with her speaking ability all the way to the crown. 1985 winner, Kelly Hu was too young to compete at Miss USA at the time that she won but Kelly came back in 1993 looking unbelievably stunning and placing 4th to Michigan's Kenya Summer Moore. 1986 winner Allison Brown competed at Miss USA 1987 and didn't place in that pageant. I guess they got the hint the next year and decided that Miss Teen USA would no longer gain automatic entry at Miss USA. Future Miss Teen USAs would have to compete again at the state level and win the right to represent their states at Miss USA. Kelly Hu, Brandi Sherwood, Jamie Solinger and Shauna Gambill managed to do so successfully on their first tries. However, Christie Woods and Ashley Coleman unfortunately were unable to capture their respective state crowns. Christie Woods attempted 3 times at the Miss Texas USA title. Her highest placement was 3rd runner up in 2002 to Kasi Kelly, although many people including myself thought Christie would take it that year. In 2003 and 2004, Christie placed as a semifinalist at Miss Texas USA and then aged out. Reminiscent of Christie's placement, Ashley Coleman also placed 3rd runner up but this was at Miss California USA 2006 which was won by Tamiko Nash who placed 1st runner up at Miss USA 2006.

In 1983, the very first group of teen delegates sang, 'Tonight, we're greeting you for the first time.' and during that pageant Air Supply performed some of their timeless hits including, 'Making Love Out of Nothing At All.' In 1984, runaway winner Cherise Haugen eased her way to the crown donning a sequined blue gown, which were quite popular during that era and long before Miss USA falling at Miss Universe suddenly became a tradition, North Dakota's Kari Larson started it all when she had a very notable fall during the evening gown competition as was coming down the stairs. Kari Larson, Miss North Dakota Teen USA 1984 falls during the evening gown competition.  It was the fall before all falls.But Kari bravely continued on and even went on to compete at Miss USA 1990. In 1985, Kelly Hu won the Miss Teen USA crown and went to become one of the most successful titleholders landing several roles including her performance the Sorceress in 'The Scorpion King' where she starred opposite Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Enchanting Kelly served as a special commentator during the 1990, 1991 and 1993 Miss Teen USA pageants and of course won the Miss Hawaii USA 1993 title and competed at Miss USA 1993 placing 4th although many thought she could have taken it all but it was not meant to be. Michigan's Kenya Summer Moore captured the Miss USA title but Erin Nance (who was unplaced at Miss Teen USA 1988 but went on to win the title of Miss Teen All American) was the first runner up at Miss USA 1993 and Tavia Shackles (who was a semifinalist at Miss Teen USA 1990) also managed to place ahead of Kelly finishing 2nd runner up at Miss USA 1993 which was also held in the state Tavia was representing (Kansas). 1986 winner Oklahoma's Allison Brown returned to judge the 1995 Miss Teen USA pageant. 1987 winner Kristi Addis enjoyed some notable roles and appeared in music videos. That awesome pageant with the totally 80s 'I Wonder Who's Hot Tonight' opening number is forever etched in our memories as one of the best. 1988 winner Oregon's Mindy Duncan literally seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. I guess she decided to live a life of anonymity after her reign. The 1988 pageant also had a notable disqualification when California's Alison Moreno was caught sneaking out of her room to meet her boyfriend but Alison did win the Best State Costume award. 1990 winner Oregon's Bridgette Wilson also is among the more successful Miss Teen USA winners enjoying some notable acting gigs and a marriage to tennis player Pete Sampras. 1993 winner Charlotte Lopez who took on the professional name of Charlotte Ayanna was among the most notable Miss Teen USAs who won her title to the joy of many since she was a foster child who was 'lost in the system' and Charlotte has enjoyed success in various acting roles including being featured in Ricky Martin's video for 'She's All I Ever Had'. Although the class of 1996 was a great group, none of the semifinalists from that year managed to make it to the Miss USA stage although many of them including Christie Woods, Michelle Cardamon, Leah Sexton, and Jennifer Smith all tried. Only Amanda Carraway and Sarah Cahill made it to the USA stage. 1998 winner Vanessa Minnillo has also been a successful host and notable media celebrity and is dating singer Nick Lachey and of course, Vanessa hosted Miss Universe 2007 and Miss Teen USA 2004 which was won by Shelley Hennig, who also is enjoying acting success and hosts the 2008 Miss Teen USA pageant.

Michael Young was the first Miss Teen USA hostThe pageant has had a series of hosts beginning with the very handsome Michael Young who hosted 1983, 84, 86 and 87. Michael was briefly married to Miss Universe 1987, Cecilia Bolocco and he also served as a host for the Mrs. America but very little seems to be known about his current whereabouts. 1985 was hosted by Lorenzo Lamas who was then starring on Falcon Crest. In 1988, the former host of American Bandstand, legendary Dick Clark hosted the pageant and he returned to host the 1991, 92 and 93 pageants. The 1992 pageant was held while it was rumored that Hurricane Andrew was making its way through the Mississippi resulting in two crownings being pretaped. One for the actual winner Iowa's Jamie Solinger and another for the 1st runner up Oklahoma's Angela Logan. Dick Clark hosted Miss Teen USA in 1988, 91, 92 and 93 Immediately, the audience was evacuated and they only found who the actual winner was when the pageant was broadcast on CBS. 1989 was hosted by Wil Shriner. 1990 was hosted by Sandy Duncan from Hogan's Heroes (the first female main onstage host for the Miss Universe family of pageants). Bob Goen hosted from 1994 to 1996. J. Eddie Peck hosted in 1997. It was Mario Lopez in 1998, 2003 (with Brooke Burns) and 2007, Carson Daly in 1999, Brian McFayden in 2000 and 2001 (with Mandy Moore), Chris Kirkpatrick and Willa Ford in 2002. Tony Potts and Vanessa Minnillo hosted in 2004, Galen Gering and Susie Castillo in 2005, and Damien Fahey and Shaun Robinson in 2006 and this year's event is hosted by Shelley Hennig, Miss Teen USA 2004 and Seth Goldman. Some color commentators for the pageant included Morgan Brittany in 1983 and 1986, Heather Thomas in 1984, Lisa Hartman in 1985, Tracy Scoggins in 1987 and 88, Marcia Strassman in 1989, Leeza Gibbons from 1990 to 1992 alongside Kelly Hu (90, 91, 93) and Bridget Wilson (in 1992), Arthel Neville in 1993, Daisy Fuentes in 1994 alongside Jamie Solinger, Maty Monfort in 1995, Shari Belafonte in 1996, Ivanka Trump in 1997, and Ali Landry and Julie Moran from 1998 to 2000.

One of the most exciting aspects about Miss Teen USA was seeing teen titleholders go on to compete at Miss USA after winning their state titles. We have seen historically that the results can easily change from one pageant to the next and others can remain consistent. Miss USA 1996, Ali Landry was a top 12 semifinalist at Miss Teen USA 1990, Miss USA 1995, Shanna Moakler was also a top 12 semifinalist at Miss Teen USA 1992. Miss Teen USA 1992 opening number: There are images around us in everything we see.  Some are real and some are fantasy... Miss USA 2000, Lynnette Cole was 4th at Miss Teen USA 1995, Miss USA 2003, Susie Castillo was a non semifinalist at Miss Teen USA 1998. Miss USA 2005, Chelsea Cooley was also a non semifinalist but at Miss Teen USA 2000. Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner was 3rd at Miss Teen USA 2002, Miss USA 2007, Rachel Smith was a semifinalist at Miss Teen USA 2002. This makes Miss Teen USA 2002, the first class to have more than one Miss USA titleholder. Some other delegates have had similar placements at both pageants. For example, Kentucky's Kristen Johnson was 2nd runner up at both Miss Teen USA 2000 and Miss USA 2005. Texas' Nicole O'Brian was 1st runner up at Miss Teen USA 2000 and 2nd runner up at Miss USA 2003. Kansas' Danielle Boatwright before winning an episode of the show 'Survivor' placed as 2nd runner up at Miss Teen USA 1992 and 1st runner up at Miss USA 1996. The list goes on and on.

Many of the older Teen pageants did well to blend old teen culture with new teen culture. An awesome dance number during Miss Teen USA 1988 to 'I Saw Him Standing There' led by Kristi Addis, Miss Teen USA 1987 For example, in 1986, musical performers included Bobby Rydell and Frankie Avalon (teenage idols of a different era) as well as the Commodores performing their hit 'Nightshift'. At the same time, many teen pageants were including the new teen hits of the time. 1987 had a very 80s feel, 1988 saw the delegates dancing to a remake of 'I Saw Her Standing There', the Beatles hit remodelled by Tiffany who was very popular then. In 1990, there was the use of Madonna's 'Vogue' as the swimsuit competition song and some 90s hiphop beats were incorporated throughout, yet the evening gown competition was set to the hits of Roy Orbison. Also in the 1990s, the evening gown competition would be set to a 'medley of dreams' with the use of Bobby Darin's 'Dreamlover', Roy Orbison's 'Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)' and the Everly Brothers' 'All I Have to Do is Dream'. Keylee Sue Sanders, Miss Teen USA 1995 reacts after receiving a kiss from Davy Jones of the Monkees during the 1996 Miss Teen USA pageant. In 1996, the Monkees did a special performance while the delegates walked to the current hits Theme from Mission Impossible (old meets new) for swimsuit and the music of the late Latin pop princess Selena during the evening gown competition. However, from 1997 onwards, the pageant seemed to be geared solely towards the teens of the current generation with little to no incorporation of the teen cultures of yesteryear. Could this have been a factor that led to the demise of Miss Teen USA on network television? One can only wonder...

But what really did lead to the demise of this treasured pageant? Was it the scandal involving Miss Teen USA 2006, Katie Blair who had her ties severed with Mothers Against Drunk Driving when there were rumors floating that Katie was drinking underage along side Miss USA 2006, Tara Conner who had a highly publicized confession of her hard partying ways? One would have thought that the highly You-tubed answer of Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007 would have been enough to save the pageant but that too seemed to do more damage than benefit for the pageant. There have been signs that interest in the pageant was dwindling over the years. For example, the 1998 Miss Teen USA pageant was pre-empted so that President Bill Clinton could tell us that he did indeed have a relationship with Monica Lewinsky that was 'not appropriate' but the pageant was broadcast the next day. In some areas, the 2000 Miss Teen USA pageant was shown in the middle of the night due to a long-running baseball game... It seems that the international ratings for Miss Teen USA are nowhere near as strong as Miss Universe and Miss USA. Miss America has also been shopped around a lot by cable networks since it left the big network stations after 2005. Since Miss Teen USA isn't being televised at all, this is a really hard fall from grace. Miss USA and Universe are safe on NBC until 2010 but what does the future hold for our beloved pageants???




Some photos courtesy Miss Universe L.P., LLLP