2024 Miss Universe Contestants Gallery

Continuing with the Roman numeral theme, the 2024 Miss Universe contestant gallery will be called MMXXIVSS UNIVERSE since MMXXIV is 2024 in Roman numerals!

The big day for the finals of Miss Universe 2024 is rumored to be held on November 17, 2024 where we will witness the crowning of the new Miss Universe being held in Mexico City, Mexico. The land of the Mariachi is hosting the Miss Universe pageant for the fifth time in history and we learned the location when Mexican businessman, Raul Rocha Cantu made a special appearance to make the announcement during the 2023 Miss Universe pageant which was held on November 18, 2023 in El Salvador. Mexico hosted the Miss Universe pageants of 1978 (won by South Africa's Margaret Gardiner), 1989 (won by Holland's Angela Visser), 1993 (won by Puerto Rico's Dayanara Torres) and 2007 (won by Japan's Riyo Mori). Who will be the lucky woman chosen this year?!?!


(posted 2024 February 10)
Laylah Rose just announced in New York that the 2024 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants will be held in Hollywood, California during the period of July 26, 2024 to August 4, 2024. All state pageants should be concluded by the end of June.


(posted 2024 February 9)
In a year full of change, Amy Emmerich has announced that she is stepping down as CEO of the Miss Universe Organization as of March 1. As you will remember, Paula Shugart who was the president of the Miss Universe organization also left in November 2023 after the recently concluded 2023 Miss Universe pageant. There have also been many changes in state directors for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants and even Karen Celebertti who was last year's director for Nicaragua's pageant to select their representative for Miss Universe was banned from her country along with her daughter as the Nicaraguan government appeared displeased after Sheynnis Palacios' win of the 2023 Miss Universe pageant since it led to mass celebratory events throughout Nicaragua not seen since 2018 when there were anti-government protests in which Celebertti and her husband Martin Arguello participated and the dictatorship banned such peaceful protests. This led to Karen's husband Martin and son being arrested in Nicaragua for 40 days shortly after Sheynnis' win but they were released. Karen's family has now been banished from returning to Nicaragua so Karen and her daughter have now been given jobs by the Miss Universe Organization at their new headquarters in Mexico so hopefully Karen's new job will be some form of consolation for the horrible way this family was treated.

(posted 2024 January 24)
On January 23, 2024, it was announced that Mexican businessman, Raul Rocha Cantu (who recently acquired the franchise to select the Mexican representative for Miss Universe) has purchased a 50 percent share of the Miss Universe Organization from Khun Anne Jakrajutatip's JKN Global Group for $16 million U.S. You will recall that Khun Anne paid $20 million U.S. for the Miss Universe Organization in 2022 but JKN Global group stock has been tumbling significantly since March 2021 causing a filing for bankruptcy but shares look like they are starting to go back up just recently. Raul's company is called Legacy Holdings and the merged company created for the Miss Universe merger is JKN Legacy. The Miss Universe Skincare line with still be under Olivia Quido's directorship. Miss Universe will remain a private corporation based in the United States. The overall direction of the media property will remain unchanged, including recent rule changes and eligibility requirements.
The corporate headquarters will be based in Mexico City; digital, social media, and communications will come out of New York City; and the Thailand branch will be responsible for in-house content and production. Sheynnis Palacios, the 2023 Miss Universe titleholder, will continue to be based in New York City where she fulfills her duties as a global ambassador and mental health advocate.
There are also plans to start a Miss Universe museum in Mexico featuring different crowns used over the years and possibly various artifacts like gowns and pictures and possible replicas of former titleholders so we shall see if this ambitious project comes to fruition.

(posted 2023 November 25)
On September 12, 2023, Miss Universe 2022, USA's R'Bonney Gabriel announced on social media that starting with the 2024 season, there is no longer an age limit so now ALL adult women (be they single, married, with or without children and transwomen) and at least 18 years of age can all compete for their Miss USA state titles or their national titles to get to Miss Universe. 28 years of age used to be the limit but women are delaying getting married and having children to compete in pageants and now they don't even have to do that as married women and mothers with children were allowed to do compete as of 2023 and we saw a married delegate at Miss USA 2023 which was Maine's Juliana Morehouse Locklear who went unplaced. Then, at Miss Universe 2023, Guatemala's Michelle Cohn and Colombia's Camila Avella both competed being married mothers with children and Colombia's delegate made the top 5 at Miss Universe 2023 while Guatemala's delegate went unplaced.

This year's pageant will again be on Roku and Telemundo (Spanish version) for U.S. viewers and on youtube for Canadian viewers.

Are you excited?!?!?! Is it your country's turn?!?!?!

Who will be crowned MMXXIVSS UNIVERSE (a.k.a. Miss Universe 2024?)
Let's meet the contestants!!!

Belgium-Kenza Johanna Ameloot

The diamond capital of Europe sends Kenza this year who models for Dominique Models and holds a bachelor's degree in international business. Belgium did place in 2018 but they have never won the Miss Universe crown but they have placed in the top 6 in 1981 and 1992. Will Kenza's exotic look win Belgium some favor this year?

Belize-Halima Hoy

The land of the jaguar and the Mundo Maya sends us 29-year-old Halima Hoy this year. The land of the largest living coral reef hasn't placed since way back in 1979 and they have never won the Miss Universe crown so could Halima change that this year?

China-Jia Qi

The land of the great wall sends us Jia Qi this year who was supposed to compete for 2023 but she was crowned late and got a visa but only arrived after the preliminary interview was completed and therefore could not compete so she will compete for 2024. Jia is a former track and field athlete as well as a fitness enthusiast. China has never won the crown but their best finish was as 2nd runner up in 2002 which was technically elevated to 1st runner up when the original 2002 Miss Universe winner was dethroned and they last placed in 2017. How will Jia do?

France-Indira Ampiot

Indira hails from Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe and won the Miss France 2023 which was held on 17 December 2022 in Châteauroux and was crowned by Diane Leyre who represented France at Miss Universe 2023 going unplaced. Partially of Indian origin through her maternal grandfather, Indira now has her opportunity to capture a third Miss Universe crown for the land of the Eiffel Tower. France won two Miss Universe crowns (1953 and 2016) and they last placed in 2021 and is one of only two countries that has competed at every Miss Universe pageant since its inception in 1952 (Canada is the other one and USA was disqualified in 1957 after preliminaries but before finals).

Greece-Christianna Katsieri

Christianna was appointed to represent the birthplace of the Olympic spirit after winning her national title back in 2022 and she recently represented the land of ancient gods at the 2023 Miss Earth pageant in Vietnam but going unplaced but we all know that one pageant can have completely different results than another so will Christianna be able to do wonders for Greece this year? Greece has only captured the Miss Universe crown once back in 1964 thanks to the effervescent, Corinna Tsopei and they last placed in 2005 just after hosting the Olympics in 2004. Will Christianna bring the birthplace of civilization back in the spotlight?

Kazakhstan-Madina Almukhanova

Kazakhstan has never placed at Miss Universe so Madina has a chance to make a name for her country. Will she achieve that elusive first placement for this land rich with accessible mineral and fossil fuel resources and can she even go all the way and capture her country's first Miss Universe crown?

Kyrgyzstan-Maya Turdalieva

Maya was originally supposed to compete for Miss Universe 2023 but she was among the later delegates to be crowned on October 3 with the 2023 pageant on November 18 so to give her ample preparation time, Maya has been assigned to compete for 2024 instead. Kyrgyzstan has never placed so Maya has a chance to get her country's first placement.

Mongolia-Nominzul Zandangiin

Nominzul was originally supposed to compete for Miss Universe 2023 but she was among the later delegates to be crowned on October 10 with the 2023 pageant on November 18 so to give her ample preparation time, Nominzul has been assigned to compete for 2024 instead. Mongolia has never placed so Nominzul has a chance to get her country's first placement.

New Zealand-Franki Russell

The Kiwis return after a lengthy absence having last competed in 2019. They haven't placed since 1992 with Lisa de Montalk and they won their only crown back in 1983 thanks to the stunning Lorraine Downes. Franki has been appointed to represent her nation and she is half-Filipina recognized as a reality star and actress in the Philippines and works to combat cyberbullying. Will the land of the long white cloud overshadow the competition this year with Franki?

Venezuela-Ileana Marquez Pedroza

Ileana is the first mother chosen to compete for 2024. She gave birth to one daughter, Guadalupe Antonella when Ileana was 16 and raises her as a single mother but Ileana is now 27 years of age and with the new rules instated in 2023, mothers can now compete for Miss Universe and Colombia's 2023 representative placed in the top 5 of Miss Universe 2023 being the first mother to do so. Ileana studied to educate elementary students but she is currently a television host and model. Of course, Venezuela has done extremely well in international pageantry claiming 7 Miss Universe crowns. Venezuela has placed in 14 of the last 17 Miss Universe pageants missing the semifinals only in 2010, 2016 and 2020 and last winning the crown in 2013. Ileana apparently has tattoos but she does seem to have a compelling story but then there's that whole story about Venezuela bailing on hosting 2024 resulting in Mexico being the 2024 host but could they host in the future? Will any of this affect Ileana? We shall see!

Keep checking back regularly and pick your favorites for the 2024 Miss Universe title otherwise known as...